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What’s Crossroads? Crossroads is a youth-made interactive graphic novel designed to:

  • Foster dialogue on pressing issues
  • Build skills for personal + social transformation
  • Elevate intersectional equity practices

Who can apply? Young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who:

  • Enjoy working as part of a team
  • Want to empower other youth to develop the skills to have courageous conversations
  • Have unique skills and diverse life and work experiences to draw from

What’s involved?

  • Participating in the facilitation training and regular facilitation training sessions (approximately every 6 weeks).
  • Working with a co-facilitator to deliver  engaging workshops in schools (live and online) between September 2024 and June 2025
  • Guiding students through Crossroads storylines
  • Engaging in a range of activities along the way that: Illuminate key concepts (related to social justice +  social/emotional and somatic  literacy)
  • Help students develop the skills  to notice, name, and respond to different forms of discrimination—from Black and Indigenous-specific racism and classism to queerphobia, transphobia and cissexism
  • Promote critical thinking, self-reflection and  collective learning and dialogue
  • Doing this work in way that is accessible, engaging and genuinely  inclusive also requires that facilitators work to:  Foster brave  spaces where students feel empowered to speak their truths, listen deeply to others and participate in authentic dialogue
  • Share  stories about your own life experiences to make the topics relatable to your peers
  • Model  humility by sharing fumbles in your own learning journey

We will be reaching out to promising candidates to set up interviews as early as mid July:

Selection will be based on:

  • Expressed and demonstrated commitment to this work
  • The unique perspectives, life experiences,  and skills you possess
  • The goal of having a broad spectrum of diversity within the group

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