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Job requirements




No degree, certificate or diploma


1 year or Less

Wages: $19 per hour

Work site environment

Noisy, Odours, Dusty, Cold/refrigerated, Wet/damp

Personal suitability

Flexibility, Team player


Cut, clean and trim fish Lobster or seafood prior to marketing or further processing, Scrape away scales, cut fish, separate fillets and remove scrap parts using knife, Check fish fillets to determine optimal number and size of fillet sections, cut sections according to specifications and place in container for weighing, Check products and packaging for defects and to ensure conformance to company standards and perform corrective machine adjustments as required, Disjoint and remove meat from lobsters or other crustaceans preparatory to canning or further processing, Record production information, Set up and operate machines to can, bag, box or otherwise package fish and seafood products, Set up and operate machines to clean, cut, cook, smoke, brine, dehydrate or otherwise process fish or seafood products

Security and safety

Criminal record check

Work conditions and physical capabilities

Repetitive tasks, Manual dexterity, Bending, crouching, kneeling

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Health benefits

Dental plan, Disability benefits, Health care plan, Paramedical services coverage

Other benefits

Learning/training paid by employer

Long term benefits

Group insurance benefits, Life insurance, Pension plan, Maternity and parental benefits


Online/ in person or email

How to Apply

Online/ in person or email