Thank You Emails

If you’ve been reading our blog or any other job search tips you will have seen references to thank you emails. Sending one of these after an interview should always be on your to do list, they are quick and simple and can help create a lasting impression to the employer.

When to Send:

Thank you emails are usually sent out after a formal sit down, in person interview. While you can send one after a phone interview remember that you may have been talking to an HR person or a hiring manger who is screening applications and will not be making the final decision. There may be times when the interviewee asks for examples of work or something similar-combine this into your thank you email so as to not clutter their inbox.

If you have a second call or a video/Skype interview with a manager sending an email is a good idea. They’ve taken you up to the next level of hiring, use these emails to show that it was the right decision.

What to Say:

Thank you emails should be short and concise. Employers do not want to read long rambling emails and they do NOT need a rehashing of your skills, cover letter or resume-they already have those! Even if they ask for clarification or examples of your skills provide only what is requested and not a long list of everything you’ve ever achieved. Be sure to answer all the questions they may have asked not only to provide them with what they are looking for but to also show that you are good at reading instructions and following directions.

If possible, mention something memorable that happened during the interview so they will remember you. Aim for “semi formal’ tone in your text-you have met and talked to these people so there is not a need for over the top formality.

“it was great to meet with you today. I really enjoyed our discussion and discovering that we both enjoy purchasing button down shirts from the Gap! Please let me know if you require any other information and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Don’t provide your references unless they were asked for. Again, this will help keep your email short and not over burden the employer with information they are not yet ready for.

When to Follow Up:

It can be tempting to want to follow up and get an answer shortly after the interview. Remember to give the employer some time. If they gave you an expected timeline, wait a few days after that to follow up, otherwise wait at least three or four business days after sending your thank you email. If you were asked for certain items, you may want to follow up earlier to ensure they got it in a timely manner. Remember that while schedules and plans may change on their end, causing a delay in response, not all employers will follow up with unsuccessful candidates. Don’t burn potential bridges by spamming their inboxes with follow ups.

Other Tips

Hopefully you already have a professional email address you’ve been using to apply for jobs. Always check to see what name appears on your emails before communicating with an employer. If you have an email from them (perhaps one about the interview), reply to that to say thank you, otherwise use a subject along the lines of “Interview Follow-up” or something with the job title in it.

Don’t use other forms of communication unless the employer started the conversation that way. Hopefully at this point you will have an email address already, but you may want to see if you can find one and take the conversation to a more formal setting.


All in all, thank you emails are easy way to gain points with an employer. They may be expecting one and they may not but sending one will cover all the basis and keep you in the front of their minds.

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