Common Interview Questions and How to Respond

In order to land the job you want, it’s important to prepare yourself for an interview, and that means formulating answers to the usual questions. Fortunately, there are a number of standard questions frequently asked during an interview including these 5 common ones:

1. “Tell Me About Yourself”

Usually, this is the first question a lot of interviewers ask thinking that it will get the ball rolling. For interviewees, especially those who aren’t used to answering interview questions, this can be a huge nightmare. Most would think that telling their “life story” would help. The truth is, if you want to impress your interviewer, you should pick key things about yourself that are relevant to the position you are applying for. This can be your skills, qualifications, passion, past experiences, and even your area of expertise. Aside from that, it’s also important to keep your answers short, yet concise. It would be ideal to pick something you’re good at to demonstrate your expertise in the job for which position you are interviewing.

2. “What Do You Know About the Company?”

Never come to an interview unprepared. That means you have to take the initiative to research about the company you’re applying for. Study the background, structure, and even the current industry trends if possible. Keep in mind, employers would want to hire a candidate who’s familiar with the company they’re planning to be part of, rather than someone who just wants a job. So, in order to stand out from the competition, check the company updates, as well as the current press release a week before your interview.

3. “Why Should We Hire You?”

This question can either make or break you so you be careful when answering it. It can give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and show what you can contribute to the company that others can’t. To impress your interviewer,  be as specific as possible. Aside from researching about the company background, research the job description as well- why they are looking for someone for this position. That means you have to figure out the possible pain/problem points they experienced in past and how you can solve them. Show that you’re the perfect candidate for this job. Try to convince the hiring manager that you’re suited for the position as you’ll be the candidate to solve their “problems.” Telling a success story that highlights the qualities needed for that position can also do wonders. Prepare yourself for the possibility that the hiring manager will tell you that they have lots of well-qualified candidates for that position-don’t let this discourage you. Remember, don’t answer “why” you want the job, instead answer why you are perfect for the job.

4. “Can You Tell Me Your Strengths and Weaknesses?”

Here’s another favorite of most interviewers. As you discuss about your strengths, try to be as straightforward as possible to show that you have fully reviewed the job posting and you are very much aware of the skills they are looking for. Highlight your personal strengths that would meet the company’s needs- this will emphasize why they should hire you. When it comes to your flaws and weaknesses, pick a single one. This isn’t a trick question as everyone has their own set of weaknesses. The important thing is you have to be a honest and show you are willing to improve yourself.

5. “Where Do You See Yourself X Years from Now?”

Interviewers ask this question to know and assess your long-term plan. The perfect answer would depend on your aspirations and the job role, but a good answer usually illustrates a growth in your skills, expertise, and experience during this period. The good thing is that you can prepare for this question by simply researching what your career path could possibly look like a few years from now. Try to refrain yourself from being too ambitious and instead, focus on your enthusiasm, why you want the current position, and why you believe that it will play an important part in your future.

These are just some of the most common questions you might encounter during a job interview. Always remember to focus on the needs of the company instead of yourself, and that confidence is key, and honesty pays off.

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