Dress for Success!

Have an interview coming up? Thinking you’ll just wear whatever? Think again! In all likelihood, you are not the only candidate for the job; because of this, your future employers will be taking everything into close consideration – including your self-presentation.

Here are three reasons to include grooming and attire in your interview prep:

  1. Research – If you are appropriately dressed for an interview, it shows you are aware and familiar with the company. They can tell that you’re prepared and can easily see you in their work setting. Whereas if you arrive in an unsuitable outfit, they’ll know you did not do your research and are not treating this meeting seriously. It’s always a good idea to look up the company’s website or call their HR department if you’re unsure what to wear.
  2. Confidence, Look good – feel good! Take the time to ensure your outfit is clean, pressed, and put together. Practice good hygiene and groom yourself to professional standards. Avoid cologne and perfume as there may be allergies or sensitivities in the workplace. If nothing else, you’ll walk out of your interview knowing that at least you looked good.
  3. Personality – It’s important to give a true representation of yourself in a job interview, not only in regards to your skills and training, but also your attire. If you are not the type to wear a skirt or jacket to the office every day, don’t do those things for your interview. Instead make choices that are to your advantage but still show your personality: dress pants with your favourite blouse, a button up shirt with a coloured tie, etc. Put your best foot forward while achieving a professional look.

If you are still struggling to find the right look, it’s always better to err on the side of slightly overdressed as opposed to too casual. First impressions can be very difficult to overcome and you want to make sure you impress instead of underwhelm.

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