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The conundrum:

Many experiences and reports by Youth across Canada are that they are challenged and frustrated that they cannot find employment because Employers are hesitant to hire them because they don’t have any existing work experience. At the same time, Employers face similar experiences and are reluctant to hire Youth workers because the Youth workers may not have provided the demonstrated job skills and experience to earn their first job.

How do I get a job if I don't have any experience?

Here a some tips to get experience:

> Volunteer Work
> Part-time Employment
> Internships
> Summer Jobs
> Work Experiences
> Youth-run Businesses/Entrepreneurship

Where can I find Employers willing to hire Youth with limited or no experience?

YouthjobsCanada is Canada’s only National platform for Canadian Employers interested and willing to hire Youth with limited or no experience. Our focus is to find Employers who see the benefits of hiring Youth.

Volunteering - a great way to get experience!

Volunteering provides you an insight into different jobs and industries. Volunteering builds community as you're making connections with the people you are helping.
Volunteering looks great on your resume and employers look favorably on job applicants who have volunteered.

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