inform. inspire. ignite.

Our Mission   

LeadersFluent is a youth-led non-profit organization which works to provide Canadian high school and university students with insight into the business world. Our goals are to inform, inspire and ignite.

The LeadersFluent Team will work hard to inform students about daily resources to check out including job and co-op opportunities, internships, detailed articles regarding the stress-inducing university application process, past essay questions and course notes! Our diverse webinar panelists will provide their insight on a number of topics ranging from career development to starting your own business to inspire those on a similar path. By providing workshops to improve business-related skills, we hope to ignite the entrepreneurial fire burning inside of you.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the application process of the most competitive business programs in Canada from upper year students, participate in contests, have a seamless transition into their final year of high school or first year of university and gain networking, marketing and research skills through our programs.